About Us

The Chamber as a voluntary partnership of business and professional people working in cooperation with other interested persons, organizations, and government agencies will continually strive to promote balanced growth, high quality of life, and individual commitment to the Kerman community.


What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization representing all segments of the business community with the potential for marshaling the energies and efforts of the membership toward the accomplishment of goals for a better community.

What does the Chamber do?

The purpose of the Chamber is to advance the business community and to be “home guard” of the free enterprise system. Our local efforts include community events, visitor information, public relations, retail promotions, economic development, legislation action, agribusiness and other projects that address community needs.

How does it work?

Through volunteer groups which analyze problems, develop solutions and take action to achieve solutions. A professional staff is employed to assist commitee members and carry out the day-to-day operations of the organizations.

How is it administered?

A Board of Directors elected by the membership determines the policies and procedures and employs an Executive Director who is responsible to the board for carrying out all directives and administration functions.

How is it financed?

Since it is a voluntary organization, Chamber costs for operation and expenses are apportioned among its members. Members include representatives from all types of business and industry, community service organizations, local government and interested individuals. All share a mutual desire to achieve a better community by investing in Chamber membership. The Chamber of Commerce is not governmentally funded. The primary source of income is from membership and other fund raising activities.